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Cara Membuat Buku Tamu Di Blogger

How to Make a Guest Book Blog - to create a blog to be more interactive with visitors, then the following way is an alternative that can be used. Namely by installing a guest book form that contains criticisms and suggestions or a greeting to visitors during blogwalking.

Actually, by default, we already have this facility in the form of a comment form that can be found by visitors at the end of each post, but we can also make additional facilities. On this occasion we will make a guest book that we will place on the right side of the blog precisely attached to the right screen monitor.

To make this facility is very easy because the basic capabilities needed are standard that is to install the widget into a blog, and copy and paste the following code into the html widget. It's easy, right!?

Steps to Make a Blog Guest Book
1. Open a blogger account

2. Enter the draft

3. Add widget, select HTML / Javascript

4. Copy and paste the following code into the HTML / Javascript widget

    <style type = "text / css">

    #gb {

    position: fixed;

    top: 50px;

    z-index: +1000;


    * html #gb {position: relative;}

    .gbtab {

    height: 100px;

    width: 30px;

    float: left;

    cursor: pointer;

    background: url ('http://lh4.ggpht.com/_jn57XA2jLxY/SmCHl1YEsxI/AAAAAAAAAXQ/HshHClEVcvY/tabs.png') no-repeat;


    .gbcontent {

    float: left;

    border: 2px solid # A5BD51;

    background: # F5F5F5;

    padding: 10px;



    <script type = "text / javascript">

    function showHideGB () {

    var gb = document.getElementById ("gb");

    var w = gb.offsetWidth;

    gb.opened? moveGB (0, 30-w): moveGB (20-w, 0);

    gb.opened =! gb.opened;


    function moveGB (x0, xf) {

    var gb = document.getElementById ("gb");

    var dx = Math.abs (x0-xf)> 10? 5: 1;

    var dir = xf> x0? 1: -1;

    var x = x0 + dx * dir;

    gb.style.right = x.toString () + "px";

    if (x0! = xf) {setTimeout ("moveGB (" + x + "," + xf + ")", 10);}



    <div id = "gb">

    <div class = "gbtab" onclick = "showHideGB ()"> </div>

    <div class = "gbcontent">

    <! - Place the Guest Book Form Code (ShoutMix / ShoutBox) ->

    <a href="http://adsloko.blogspot.com"> How to Make a Guest Book </a>


    <div style = "text-align: right">

    <a href="javascript:showHideGB()">






    <script type = "text / javascript">

    var gb = document.getElementById ("gb");

    gb.style.right = (30-gb.offsetWidth). toString () + "px";


5. Replace this code "<! - Place the Guest Book Form Code (ShoutMix / ShoutBox) ->" with the code you already have

6. Guest book form code can be obtained free of charge by registering at shoutmix service providers such as http://www.shoutmix.com/ [register first of course yes bro]

7. Save

8. Last is to enjoy the results

9. Good luck AND GOOD LUCK GAN !!!!

Thank you for visiting this blog and wish you success with all the efforts that are being made. I hope this helps......

If you have questions please submit via the comment form on the side of the post, please ...

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